Best Elden Ring Strength build

All-time Elden Ring Strength build: Of import weapons, items, and stats for an Elden Ring Forcefulness build

Larn how to make the best Forcefulness build in Elden Ring

Looking for the best Elden Ring Strength build?
Since launch, Intelligence and Faith magic builds have oft dominated the Elden Ring meta. However, Elden Band Strength builds tin be incredibly powerful if you focus on maximising damage equally much every bit possible.

In this guide, we walk you through the all-time Elden Ring Strength build, explaining where to get the best Force weapons and the essential stats and items that you lot will demand to get the strongest Tarnished in the Lands Between.

Best Elden Ring Strength build

Our Elden Ring Forcefulness build is all virtually dealing huge chunks of damage in a single hit. To achieve this simple goal of unparalleled strength, we apply a range of items to vitrify the concrete damage that you deal with your weapon. For this build, we focus on the Brick Hammer, but there are countless other Forcefulness-based weapons of equal power that you could use to go similar results. With all of the buffs combined, this Strength build becomes one of the best builds in Elden Ring.

Where to observe the Brick Hammer in Elden Ring

As mentioned above, there are plenty of Strength-based weapons in Elden Band, and the
Brick Hammer
certainly doesn’t audio similar the coolest. All the same, information technology is one of the best weapons in Elden Ring for a few reasons. It deals huge amounts of impairment, comparable to some of the strongest weapons in the game, and is relatively easy to observe early in your hazard.

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To get the Brick Hammer, yous must head to
Stormveil Castle
and take the side path upwards. Afterward getting the Rusty Key and opening the locked door, climb the ladders to the college rafters. Turn right at the top and hop across the gap that leads to the rafters exterior. Follow them around to find the Brick Hammer on a corpse.

Left: an illustration of the Brick Hammer from Elden Ring. Right: the player character holding the same weapon against a Limgrave background.

Elden Ring Strength build stat requirements

This Elden Ring Force build requires the following stats:

  • 31 Strength
  • 15 Organized religion

31 Strength
is the bare minimum that you lot will demand to wield the Brick Hammer, just y’all should aim to push this much further. Nosotros recommend getting the Strength stat all the fashion to 60, which is the soft cap in Elden Band. With 60 Strength and a fully-upgraded Brick Hammer (which will require plenty of Smithing Stones), you’ll deal huge damage with every swing. However, this isn’t the only of import aspect in this build.

Faith might seem like an odd focus for a Force build, but it’s incredibly important here. While 60 Forcefulness might be the soft cap, this won’t cease yous from raising your physical damage in other ways. If you become
15 Organized religion, y’all tin use the Flame, Grant me Strength incantation.
Flame, Grant me Strength
is one of the best spells in Elden Band, equally it briefly raises your physical assail power. For the side by side 30 seconds, each swing with the Brick Hammer will deal roughly 20% more damage, which is huge when you are already dealing thousands of impairment points per hit.

To observe the Flame, Grant me Strength incantation, head to
Fort Gael
and loot the spell from a corpse behind 2 flame chariots. Yous will find these enemies around the outer edge of the Fort Gael walls.

Important gear for the Elden Ring Strength build

Flame, Grant me Strength is integral to this build, but information technology isn’t the merely way to increase your impairment. Below, we’ll explicate important items, including talismans, an Ash of War, and ii Crystal Tears, that you need for this Elden Ring Forcefulness build.

  • Claw Talisman:
    a talisman that boosts the ability of jump attacks. A few well-timed bound attacks will easily stagger most foes, leaving them vulnerable to a visceral assail. Since your set on strategy will likely consist of lots of jump attacks, the Hook Talisman is a rubber bet to assist you bargain more impairment. You tin can find it by heading to the
    Rampart Tower Site of Grace in Stormveil Castle
    and climbing upwardly to the rooftops. In one case at that place, you’ll observe a corpse with the Claw Talisman on peak of a tower.
  • Great-Jar’s Arsenal:
    a talisman that increases your equip load significantly. This is essential for a Forcefulness build, equally you will need a high equip load to utilise heavy weapons and the best armor sets in Elden Ring. Yous will find the Great-Jar’south Arsenal by following the canyon virtually the
    Siofra River well in Caelid. This leads to the small fleck of land that stretches out to the North of Caelid. One time in that location, impale the nearby invaders for the Great Jar to gain the talisman.
  • Radagon’s Soreseal:
    increases Strength, Dexterity, Endurance, and Vigor by 5 points. While this talisman does increase the impairment you receive by xv%, the benefits vastly outweigh that negative. Yous’ll discover Radagon’s Soreseal in
    Fort Faroth, in the Dragonbarrow of Caelid. Once there, fight your way onto the rooftop and so drop through a small opening to access the rafters, where you’ll find Radagon’s Soreseal on a corpse.
  • Royal Knight’s Resolve:
    an Ash of War skill that grants an 80% impairment increase on your adjacent melee attack when activated. This almost doubles your total impairment, taking your damage numbers to ridiculous levels. Y’all can observe the Regal Knight’s Resolve Ash of War past taking the lift up from the
    Temple of Eiglay Site of Grace in Volcano Manor. At the top, follow the path ahead until you reach a grand stairwell. Climb information technology until you reach the acme and head through the nearby door to discover a room filled with hanging cages. Hop down the cages until you lot reach the bottom and so turn Due west and get through the door ahead to find the Royal Knight’s Resolve Ash of War.
  • Stonebarb Cracked Tear:
    a Crystal Tear that makes enemies stagger more frequently from your attacks. When paired with the Claw Talisman, you should detect that you lot can deal massive damage with spring attacks and easily stagger enemies, leaving them vulnerable to a follow-up visceral that should secure the impale. You can notice the Stonebarb Cracked Tear by
    killing the Putrid Avatar at the base of operations of the Minor Erdtree in Dragonbarrow.
  • Strength-Knot Crystal Tear:
    a Crystal Tear that temporarily increases your Strength stat by 10 levels. This will give y’all a significant damage boost with the Brick Hammer (or any other Strength weapon). You can observe it very early on in your adventure, on the
    cliffs northeast of Stormhill Shack.

Afterward getting both Crystal Tears, mix them in the Flask of Wondrous Physick at a Site of Grace.

That covers everything you need to know to make the best Elden Band Strength build. Once y’all accept all of the items listed in a higher place, you can exam out the build by challenging the hardest bosses in Elden Ring. If you want to detect the nearest boss, take a look at our list of every boss in Elden Band. If yous desire to 100% Elden Band with this build, utilise our Elden Ring walkthrough and Elden Ring sidequests guide to clear every region, boss, and NPC quest in the game.