The cheapest Nvidia RTX 3070 Ti in the UK is this £649 Zotac model

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The cheapest Nvidia RTX 3070 Ti in the U.k. is this £649 Zotac model

However £100 above U.k. RRP, but that’s corking progress for a GPU selling for £1000+ a few months ago.

The RTX 3070 Ti is a great mid-range to high-cease GPU, with splendid performance in rasterised games plus DLSS and RT support, just it’s been hard to find at a good price if you lot haven’t lucked out with a Founders Edition restock. Prices for third-party cards are slowly falling, and now take reached within £100 of the £549 UK RRP – an of import milestone for GPUs that toll £1000 or more than at the beginning of the year.

The cheapest RTX 3070 Ti model nosotros’ve found is a Zotac RTX 3070 Ti Trinity at Ebuyer, who are request £649 with a despatch date of April 26th(tomorrow!). If you want the cheapest model that’s in stock right now, and then that’ll exist the Inno3D RTX 3070 Ti X3 at Overclockers for £10 more. Either way, you’ll be left with a performant graphics card that requires merely a modest 750W PSU, less than Nvidia’s higher-end GPUs and much less than the company’due south next-gen products rumoured to arrive towards the terminate of this year.

  • Go the Zotac RTX 3070 Ti Trinity for £649

  • Get the Inno3D RTX 3070 Ti X3 for £659

At that place are other, fancier RTX 3070 Ti versions available but I personally wouldn’t spend much more to get them – ultimately, in-game performance is going to be determined by the GPU within rather than whatever manufacturers bolt on outside. Better designs with thicker coolers, more effective fans and and then on will let the card operate at a lower racket level, but unless you’re into extreme overclocking the departure in actual in-game frame-rate will be neglible. Both Zotac and Inno3D are proficient budget brands that deliver sanely designed graphics cards at a reasonable price, so that’southward plenty for me.

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Beyond ‘is this item model of GPU any proficient?’, the next pertinent question is ‘is this GPU any skilful?’ The answer is a little complicated. Afterward all, the RTX 3070 Ti wasn’t the best value graphics card when it was released, with the original RTX 3070 beating it out in terms of functioning per pound spent, at Great britain RRP. Nevertheless, that just applies when the graphics cards are actually available to lodge at their Great britain RRP. Every bit information technology stands, the cheapest RTX 3070 cards in stock are more expensive than their RTX 3070 Ti counterparts – so you may too have the extra performance from the Ti model!

To quickly sum upwards the differences between the ii cards, the 3070 Ti is built around a fully-enabled GA104 die, while the 3070 uses a cut-back model with fewer CUDA cores and a lower clock speed. The 3070 Ti as well comes with faster GDDR6X memory, rated at 608GB/southward versus 448GB/s on the vanilla 3070. Finally, the 3070 Ti is given a power budget of 290W (on the reference design), compared to 220W on the standard 3070. That allows for better operation, only also a bit more heat production. The Ti is definitely the better choice if both cards are at the same price, but its frame-rate advantage is usually betwixt v and 10 percent in the games I’ve tested.

Of course, information technology’due south nevertheless mode faster than a 10-serial or 20-series Nvidia card (or AMD’southward RX 500-series and Vega GPUs), and then y’all’ll probable yet exist very happy with its performance overall – especially at 1080p and 1440p where the 3070 Ti should exist capable of playing AAA titles at high settings for years to come.

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Anyway, this post is getting long, so I’ll wrap up for at present! Let me know if you have any questions, and stay tuned for more than deals in the near future. Until and then, goodbye!