Best Minecraft skins in 2022

Looking for the very best Minecraft skins?
Well, you’re spoilt for choice. Minecraft has been out for over a decade, and there are nearly every bit many skins nowadays as there are Minecraft players. It’s easier than ever to create your own Minecraft skin from scratch using online skin creator tools – but for those of you who don’t want to spend time doing that, y’all’ve come to the right identify.

Below we’ve put together our list of the 64 best Minecraft skins on offer every bit of 2022. We’ve divided these skins into categories so you can easily detect the all-time peel for you – whether you’re after brute skins, or skins based on your favourite Marvel or videogame characters, you’ll find something hither that yous’ll desire to wear in your latest Minecraft earth.

We’ve even included a download link for each of these 64 skins so you can chop-chop get to showing off your new look in-game!

On this page:

  • Marvel skins
  • Picture and Television skins
  • Girl skins
  • Videogame skins
  • Famous people skins
  • Animal skins
  • Abstract skins
  • Cool Minecraft skins

Best Minecraft skins for Marvel characters

Atomic number 26 Man

Walk the walk and talk the talk as everyone’s favourite Avenger with this faithfully rendered classic Iron Man skin. Works even better if you get hold of some Elytra!

Download link: Atomic number 26 Human skin

A front and back view of the Captain America Minecraft skin.

Helm America

That really is America’southward ass. Pb the Avengers on their adjacent death-defying caper every bit Captain America himself. Now all you demand is a Resource Pack that turns shields to vibranium.

Download link: Captain America pare

A front and back view of the Spiderman Minecraft skin.


Mr Stark, it smells like a new car in here! It may not give you the ability to shoot webs from your wrists (you lot’ll probably demand some Minecraft mods for that!), you’ll certainly await the function with this instantly recognisable pare.

Download link: Spiderman peel

A front and back view of the Thor Minecraft skin.


Cue the Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin! The God of Thunder’s red greatcoat and flowing hair are brought to Minecraftian life with this splendid Thor pare.

Download link: Thor peel

A front and back view of the Hulk Minecraft skin.


Smash some mobs as the Strongest Avenger with this Hulk pare, which, despite being confined to regular Minecraft pare proportions, is yet unmistakeable every bit the Hulk.

Download link: Hulk skin

A front and back view of the Black Widow Minecraft skin.

Black Widow

Ms Natasha Romanoff has changed her looks a number of times over the course of the MCU, simply this skin brings back the archetype cherry-red pilus from when nosotros first saw Blackness Widow in Iron Man ii.

Download link: Black Widow pare

A front and back view of the Hawkeye Minecraft skin.


A worthy skin for those handy with a bow in Minecraft. There was also a skin specifically for Endgame’south Eagle, but it wasn’t quite as recognisable as this ane is.

Download link: Eagle skin

A front and back view of the Thanos Minecraft skin.


That smiling actually is infectious, isn’t it? Conquer half the Minecraft universe equally the ultimate MCU villain, clad in his nigh-indestructible Uru armour. I experience sorry for any lowly Minecraft mobs that attempt to have downwardly the leader of the Black Order.

Download link: Thanos skin

Best Minecraft skins for Moving picture and Goggle box characters

A front and back view of the Darth Maul Minecraft skin.

Darth Maul

Anything involving Ray Park is always cool as hell, and Darth Maul was no exception. Now you can don this legendary villain’southward trademark look for yourself.

Download link: Darth Maul pare

A front and back view of the Bane Minecraft skin.


“Ahh, I was wondering what would interruption starting time: this obsidian, or my pickaxe!” Blight was a great villain, and this is a fantastic peel, and so how could I not include it?

Download link: Bane peel

A front and back view of the John Wick Minecraft skin.

John Wick

A groovy peel for injecting fear into the hearts of your enemies every bit they realise that John Wick, Baba Yaga himself, is after them. The adjust and tie are perfect, equally are the fiddling blood pixels dotted virtually his face and cuff.

Download link: John Wick skin

A front and back view of the Hermione Minecraft skin.


I know all these skins are in the aforementioned pose, merely why does this one in item look like she really needs the bathroom? In any case, this Hermione skin is adorable.

Download link: Hermione skin

A front and back view of the Homer Simpson Minecraft skin.

Homer Simpson

Few Minecraft skins brand me laugh out loud, but this Homer Simpson pare was definitely one of them. Astonishing work to whoever made this one.

Download link: Homer Simpson pare

A front and back view of the Katniss Everdeen Minecraft skin.

Katniss Everdeen

Another great selection for seasoned archers, this Katniss peel is an incredibly faithful reimagining of the Hunger Games star, from her hair to the quiver on her back.

Download link: Katniss Everdeen skin

A front and back view of the Doctor Who Minecraft skin.

Doctor Who

There are two types of Doctor Who fans: those who know 10th Doctor is All-time Physician; and those who are in denial. All yous need now is to create a TARDIS out of a Minecraft Banner.

Download link: Doctor Who skin

A front and back view of the Princess Jasmine Minecraft skin.

Princess Jasmine

Enter a “whole new earth” (ouch) with this true-blue and surprisingly recognisable Princess Jasmine skin. At present all you lot need is to befriend an ocelot called Rajah.

Download link: Princess Jasmine peel

Best Minecraft girl skins

A front and back view of the Autumn Minecraft skin.

Fall Daughter

One of my favourite Minecraft skins on this list, Autumn Daughter is just unbearably cute, with her little cap perfectly rounding off her wonderfully-designed, colour-coordinated fall outfit.

Download link: Autumn Girl skin

A front and back view of the Wander Minecraft skin.


The big blue bow and brilliantly textured brown hair of this lovely Wander girl peel are the standout elements here. And the peach cardigan is similarly detailed, making the whole skin very easy on the eyes.

Download link: Wander skin

A front and back view of the Bunny Girl Minecraft skin.

Bunny Girl

At that place’s something so endearing about the 2 symmetrical locks of hair falling downwards from this Bunny Girl’s confront. That and the piffling ears on the sides of the hoodie actually brand this particular Minecraft skin.

Download link: Bunny Girl skin

A front and back view of the Plum Girl Minecraft skin.

Plum Girl

Some other very colour-coordinated Minecraft skin, Plum Girl is much more than vibrant than most, helping you to stand out from whatever Minecraft oversupply.

Download link: Plum Girl skin

A front and back view of the Marina Minecraft skin.


This is a fairly simple peel illustrating a brunette with long hair wearing a blue shawl. What sets information technology autonomously from the many similar skins out there is the texturing on the pilus and the shawl itself. Information technology only looks really, really adept.

Download link: Marina pare

A front and back view of the Gamer Girl Minecraft skin.

Gamer Daughter

This Gamer Daughter Minecraft skin is i of the well-nigh pop skins out at that place. It’s cute, information technology’south well-designed, and with the grass cake on her front and the Creeper face on her back, there’due south no uncertainty what this gamer daughter is sitting down to play.

Download link: Gamer Girl skin

A front and back view of the Red Creeper Girl Minecraft skin.

Blood-red Creeper Daughter

Red and black is such a adept combination. That’southward certainly the opinion of whoever created this Ruby-red Creeper Girl skin of a redhead wearing a black Creeper hoodie with a crimson Creeper confront on the dorsum.

Download link: Red Creeper Girl peel

A front and back view of the Dino Girl Minecraft skin.

Dino Girl

Unproblematic and adorable, this Dino Girl skin is bound to help y’all stand out from the crowd in whatever Minecraft globe. The rainbow socks are a particularly overnice touch.

Download link: Dino Daughter peel

Best Minecraft skins for videogame characters

A front and back view of the Among Us Minecraft skin.

Among Us

There’s an Among Us skin of every color on the MinecraftSkins site, but to me, for some reason, pink is just the colour of Among The states. Look at that face. Call back about how much charade is going on behind that mask.

Download link: Among Us skin

A front and back view of the Kratos Minecraft skin.

Kratos (God Of State of war)

Send foul beasts back to the depths of Hades as the God of State of war himself with this exquisite and unmistakeable Kratos skin. Seriously, who else could that exist?

Download link: Kratos peel

A front and back view of the Widowmaker Minecraft skin.

Widowmaker (Overwatch)

One shot, one kill. Joining Eagle and Katniss in the battle for best sniper, this Widowmaker skin is the best of all the Overwatch skins I’ve seen.

Download link: Widowmaker skin

A front and back view of the Lara Croft Minecraft skin.

Lara Croft (Tomb Raider)

I tin’t aid feeling that if Minecraft were made of triangles rather than blocks then this pare would be even more accurate – only regardless, this is a great skin for any adventurer.

Download link: Lara Croft skin

A front and back view of the Windranger Minecraft skin.

Windranger (Dota two)

Feel the wind in your hair! Over here we have withal some other bow extraordinaire with this brilliantly designed Windranger skin from the Dota 2 roster.

Download link: Windranger skin

A front and back view of the Link Minecraft skin.

Link (Legend of Zelda)

We couldn’t have a listing of videogame character skins without Link. There accept been many Link skins over the years, simply this one is probably my absolute favourite.

Download link: Link skin

A front and back view of the Gordon Freeman Minecraft skin.

Gordan Freeman (Half-Life)

Wake upwards and aroma the ashes with this utterly recognisable Gordon Freeman skin. Even from a distance you’d know who this is.

Download link: Gordan Freeman pare

A front and back view of the TF2 Spy Minecraft skin.

TF2 Spy (Team Fortress ii)

Someone put in a lot of work to recreate each TF2 course on the MinecraftSkins site – simply the Spy is my favourite. That’s exactly him. And then uncomplicated simply and so brilliant.

Download link: TF2 Spy skin

Best Minecraft skins of famous people

A front and back view of the Stan Lee Minecraft skin.

Stan Lee

We’re all used to seeing Stan Lee in everything, and then why non throw Minecraft into the mix? If you’re looking to comport on the legend of the late bang-up Stan Lee, you can’t do much better than this.

Download link: Stan Lee skin

A front and back view of the Abraham Lincoln Minecraft skin.

Abraham Lincoln

The 16th President of the United States has never looked blockier. This Abraham Lincoln skin is smart, distinctive, and definitely good for a express mirth.

Download link: Abraham Lincoln skin

A front and back view of the Einstein Minecraft skin.

Albert Einstein

A surprisingly accurate rendition of one of the world’due south about famous people. Einstein may have been smart, but can he think his mode out of a Creeper explosion?

Download link: Albert Einstein skin

A front and back view of the Messi Minecraft skin.

Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi, Argentine football game player, considered by many to be the world’s greatest footballer. You’ll need to exist sure on your feet to feel at home in this peel.

Download link: Lionel Messi skin

A front and back view of the Chuck Norris Minecraft skin.

Chuck Norris

They say Chuck Norris sheds his peel twice a year. What people don’t realise is that you can wear one yourself with this skin of the legendary martial creative person.

Download link: Chuck Norris skin

A front and back view of the Neil Armstrong Minecraft skin.

Neil Armstrong

Looks just like him, don’t you recollect? Take one giant jump for Minecraft-kind with this skin based on the world’due south almost famous astronaut.

Download link: Neil Armstrong peel

A front and back view of the Steve Irwin Minecraft skin.

Steve Irwin

Play every bit the Crocodile Hunter himself with this surprisingly recognisable Steve Irwin skin. A great skin to use when trying out modpacks that add new animals!

Download link: Steve Irwin skin

A front and back view of the Psy Minecraft skin.


Good luck trying to pull off those famous Gangnam Way moves in-game, but you can certainly look the part with this spot-on Psy skin.

Download link: Psy skin

Best Minecraft skins for animals

A front and back view of the Pug Minecraft skin.


Easily upwardly who saw this and immediately thought of Men in Black? No? Simply me? Forget it, just savor this adorable pug pare.

Download link: Pug pare

A front and back view of the Bear Minecraft skin.


Protect your friends and annihilate your enemies with this grizzly bear pare. Simply 1 look into those tiny staring eyes volition be enough to send them packing.

Download link: Bear skin

A front and back view of the Panda Minecraft skin.


I honey pandas. Exercise you lot honey pandas? Yous should beloved pandas. And now you can get to exist a panda! And so you will definitely love pandas. And I volition love you.

Download link: Panda pare

A front and back view of the Penguin Minecraft skin.


Venture forth from the Antarctic plains and into new biomes as this cute penguin skin. Though in reality a human-sized penguin would really be very scary.

Download link: Penguin skin

A front and back view of the Lion Minecraft skin.


The king of the jungle, the Lion is best for players who only want to lounge around, yawning and doing little else. At to the lowest degree that’south what I’ve gathered from my trips to London Zoo.

Download link: King of beasts skin

A front and back view of the Wolf Minecraft skin.


This cute ol’ wolf skin is dandy on its ain, simply fifty-fifty better when used equally a wolfy template which you can customise to brand your own unique lupine cosmos.

Download link: Wolf pare

A front and back view of the Bunny Minecraft skin.


The almost sickeningly adorable skin on this listing, the fluffy white bunny is designed to lure your opponent into a simulated sense of security before charging at them with your Sharpness V diamond sword.

Download link: Bunny pare

A front and back view of the Tabby Cat Minecraft skin.

Tabby Cat

This is probably the best true cat skin out of the dozens I’ve come across online. Dandy fur, great texture, nifty ears, all wrapped into i big ambrosial package.

Download link: Tabby Cat skin

Best Minecraft abstruse skins

A front and back view of the Upside Down Minecraft skin.

Upside Downward

One of the quintessential and most pop abstract skins, this Upside Downwards Steve skin is bound to elicit an appreciative chuckle from those who come across you for the first time.

Download link: Upside Down peel

A front and back view of the Ice Cream Minecraft skin.

Ice Cream

If you lot like water ice cream, then this peel is for you. If not, well… Yous’ve got some things you demand to sort out in your life. Like not liking ice foam. Seriously, who doesn’t like ice foam?

Download link: Water ice Cream peel

A front and back view of the Dirt Minecraft skin.


Another “applied” Minecraft skin, this Clay pare in theory allows you to alloy in with your surroundings equally long equally you’re however. The grass on top doesn’t help with this, just it makes it expect nicer!

Download link: Clay skin

A front and back view of the Tetris Minecraft skin.


A homage to the only game out there to debate with Minecraft’s vast success, this Tetris skin is extremely vibrant and attention-grabbing, and bound to turn a few heads.

Download link: Tetris skin

A front and back view of the Rubik's Cube Minecraft skin.

Rubik’s Cube

This was one of the outset abstract skins I always saw, and it amazed me at the time because I’d never thought of having something other than a face on a skin. Great thought, well executed.

Download link: Rubik’s Cube skin

A front and back view of the Overworld Minecraft skin.

Minecraft Overworld

Speaking of great ideas, this Minecraft Overworld skin uses the pare as a canvas to paint a moving-picture show of the Minecraft world, from the sky all the way down to boulder. Of grade, this skin may need updating after the 1.18 update shakes upwards Minecraft’south terrain generation!

Download link: Minecraft World skin

A front and back view of the Pencil Minecraft skin.


A number 2 Pencil peel with an eraser for a head is another skin that is spring to turn some heads and make those effectually you lot chuckle as they recollect their babyhood.

Download link: Pencil skin

A front and back view of the Grandfather Clock Minecraft skin.

Gramps Clock

Perchance my favourite ever thought for a skin. This grandfather clock peel is absolutely beautifully designed, from the clock face itself to the swinging pendulum in the breast. Sublime.

Download link: Grandpa Clock skin

Cool Minecraft skins

A front and back view of the Herobrine Minecraft skin.


Of course nosotros had to add the OG Herobrine skin in here somewhere. It’s probably the most famous Minecraft skin besides the original Steve (and at present Alex).

Download link: Herobrine skin

A front and back view of the Creeper Minecraft skin.


Thatssssss a very nice ssssssskin you accept there. Scare the living daylights out of friend or foe akin past sneaking upwards on them without warning wearing this Creeper skin.

Download link: Creeper skin

A front and back view of the Enderman Minecraft skin.


It’s hard to translate the intimidating stature of an Enderman onto a Minecraft peel, but this ane does a laudable job of it. At present you just need to learn to croak like ane too.

Download link: Enderman pare

A front and back view of the Zombie Minecraft skin.


Wearing this pixel-perfect Zombie pare, the only giveaway that you’re not a existent Zombie is the lack of raised arms equally you walk. As well that, what more could you ask for?

Download link: Zombie skin

A front and back view of the Zombie Pigman Minecraft skin.

Zombie Pigman

With this Zombie Pigman skin, you tin can hang out with your friends downwardly in the Nether, and for one time look the part likewise.

Download link: Zombie Pigman skin

A front and back view of the Sheep Minecraft skin.


In that location’due south something about the image of a sheep walking on its hind legs like a human that really brings a smile to my face. With this sheep skin, you lot can help spread that same laughter.

Download link: Sheep skin

A front and back view of the Mooshroom Minecraft skin.


This Mooshroom is simply a delightful peel. Weird but cute, instantly recognisable and distinctive, and only a groovy, well put together skin (the udder in item is a squeamish bear on).

Download link: Mooshroom peel

A front and back view of the Diamond Armor Minecraft skin.

Diamond Armor

Probably the most practical skin in this entire guide. Fool other players into thinking you’re kitted out in full diamond armour. Specially good for PvP servers!

Download link: Diamond Armor skin

That wraps upwards our listing of Minecraft skins. If you lot desire to cheque out your new pare in the all-time possible lighting, get alee and download one of the all-time Minecraft shaders on offer. Alternatively, cheque out our guide on how to notice Diamonds and Netherite to discover out how to kit your new cocky in the all-time possible equipment.


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